Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toll Road Construction Has Started

Kaltim people's desire to have the toll road will soon materialize. East Kalimantan Governor Faroek Ishak Awang initiate the start of construction of the inauguration of the freeway between the Balikpapan-Samarinda. Inauguration done in Batakan, Aberdeen, on Wednesday (12/01).

Awang said the motorway was first built in Kalimantan and includes tons of the national road network. This of course requires the support of all parties to menyukseskannya as evidence of the seriousness of the region to build infrastructure.

"The highway is part of the General Plan of the National Road Network. This is determined by Ministerial Decree (Decree) No. 567/KPTS/M/2010 Public Works. I ask that all parties come together to achieve successful development of toll road to run smooth, "said Awang.

On that occasion, the governor said the road toll is much needed community. Moreover, the number of vehicles Samarinda-Balikpapan more years the number would increase. To that end, the infrastructure especially the road was felt necessary.

"Later, the provincial government will also build a toll road until Maloy - East Kutai. Consequently, this development will be felt for 2.3 million people from 3.5 million population of East Kalimantan, "he added.

Awang also said it had invited a number of domestic and foreign investors to participate. He assured the tempo is not too long, the road is definitely crowded as economic and population growth in East Kalimantan is so fast.

"I've invited a few investors to build this road. Two investors are ready to invest in this toll. But they do not want published, "said the Governor.

According to the study, the project is estimated to require funding Rp.6, 2 trillion. That figure consists of Rp 5, 03 for construction and Rp1 trillion, 23 trillion land acquisition. Of these, Rp.2 trillion budget sourced from East Kalimantan issued a multi-year system (multiyears) starting 2010-2013. The remaining funding is allocated from foreign soft loans (loans) to Rp. 3 trillion and investors about Rp1, 2 trillion. (Gus)