Thursday, December 3, 2009

Transport River in East Kalimantan

By: Bosman Coal (Geologist, a member of Forum Lafadl)

They say that the island of Borneo is a thousand rivers. And indeed, on the island of Borneo, some large rivers flow erodes the Earth's crust, from upstream to downstream. Call it for example, Barito River in South Kalimantan (Kalimantan) and the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan (Kaltim). One time, I had the opportunity to do an expedition on the island whose territory until now owned by three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam is.

In Java, when people talked about transportation, it is likely that their images will focus on ground transportation such as cars and trains. Or on the island of Sumatra, when people talk about transportation, which is probably reflected land transportation. And for residents on both islands, transportation of water is a scarce item. Of course, with some exceptions, such as for residents who live on the banks of river Musi River in Palembang City.

In Borneo, the river seems to be a kind of pulse that can not be separated from community life. Besides as a means of water transportation, not a few villages in Borneo's population rely on the existence of the river with the profession as fishermen.

Mahakam River to link the cities of the coast with a small town and villages in the interior. Mahakam River is tipped in the Northwest part of the East Kalimantan, the 'golden path' of inestimable role in the lives of residents along the coast (people who live along the Mahakam River, always call the Mahakam Beach for their area).

Various kinds of river transportation in East Kalimantan. The transportation distance, say from Samarinda towards upstream, for example to the city of Muara Lawa, so people usually use the Water Bus. Muara Lawa own city is the capital PAHU Muara district. A small town no longer irrigated by the Mahakam River, but split by the river PAHU extension, which is the child Mahakam River.

Besides carrying passengers, Air Bus is usually also a means of transport for the various needs of the population. Staple food, electronic equipment, and fuel oil (BBM) are goods that are commonly found on the ship that would menghulu toward inland. Meanwhile, from upstream to downstream, rattan, various kinds of handicrafts, and fresh water fish that have been marinated, usually a commodity to be transported in the Water Bus.

The bus climbed the water for people who are not native Borneo, may be an interesting experience that offers countless memories. Tropical conditions in Kalimantan are still green; the way our eyes see the river and tropical trees, even if lucky might see Irrawaddy Dolphin fish that jumped out of the water, or the monkeys hanging in the trees on the riverbank. Water Bus stops occasionally at the riverside village of Dayaks. Lowering of one or more of passengers or cargo. And then back off again. The passengers themselves, usually do various activities on the Water Bus to kill time. Starting from chatting with other passengers, eating in the cafeteria ship, watching television, and karaoke. Though apparently, the activity can not be enjoyed karaoke maximum for ship engines roar deafening enough.

Because the travel time to and from the hinterland for a long time, for example, from a small town on the banks of Muara Lawa River until PAHU extension in Samarinda, the cost of 100 thousand dollars per person, a bus takes water downstream for approximately 17 hours. And more time is needed for the reverse direction. To reach Muara Lawa from Samarinda, it takes approximately 20 hours. Jams Bus Movement against the current water stream, as well as unloading activities of goods in several cities that passed.

In addition to Air Bus, speed boat, became one of the usual means of transportation used on the beach along the Mahakam and the tributaries flowing into the Mahakam. Speed boat but is usually used for the needs of urgent nature. This is because the cost of an expensive speedboat. For example, one time we hired a team of speed boat from Kota Bangun, located in the beach toward the village Dasaq Mahakam is located on the banks of the River PAHU extension. Speed boat with 85 power of PK (PK: horsepower. 85 PK roughly equivalent to one-tenth the power of a racing car F1 Ferrari 10-cylinder 248 used in the race Schummy season in 2005) that we rent to cost 1.2 million dollars for the travel time 6 watch. At that time the river conditions are not normal. Appearance of the sky over the river can be estimated that in the upstream was heavy rain. As a result along the way, seen the trunks of trees are washed away by river currents, indicating that the surface of the river was rising. The presence of pieces of wood, making speed boat driver was very careful. Because once one take the point, no doubt dikemudikannya speed boat which will hit the log.

Other transportation is ces. CES is the outboard motor boat. Ces made of wood with varying length, about 6 to 12 meters. And width are usually about 1 meter. On the back of the outboard engine mounted ces that can be installed to pieces. This outboard engine power also varies, generally ranging from 5 to 10 PK. CES into everyday vehicles of residents who live on the riverbank. The curse is usually penuduk ces for travel activities their fields. Ces Agency slim lead he could easily along the small rivers. Even ces are also often used by residents to enter the swamp. In addition to the fields, ces are also usually used for fishing activities, and menangguk catching fish in rivers and swamps. Long boat is another variant of ces with a longer body and engine power is greater.

In addition, there is still a traditional boat with a smaller size and more flat .. These boats usually sail the rivers to paddle as a source of energy. Usually only two men rode by, in front and behind, with each person holding the oars. If ces and long boat made of planks and multifarious connections form other timber so that the glue necessary connection sidelines of wood, the boats are usually made of wood dilobangi whole way, so no connection.

Another type is the pontoon. But these pontoon usually specifically used for transporting timber and goods such as coal mining and other concentrates. Or is also used to transport heavy equipment such as tractors to the needs of timber and mining companies from the city to the countryside

In daily living are familiar with the river and water transportation, then the residents to develop strategies in their lives. Because the topography is generally flat Kalimantan until almost flat (flat - almost flat), then the distribution pattern of the developing world is that the distribution pattern was berstadia adults - parents. This is marked by rivers had formed mender-meander (bend-bend in the river that exceed half lamda sinusoidal graph), the bend-bend in the river is usually inhabitants made canals. This canal to shorten the distance, since ces-ces they do not have to turn to follow a bend-bend in the river, but just take a piece of artificial channel cut in the neck bend. This strategy can shorten the distance that must be taken along dozens of miles.

One thing that worries many people is pendangkalan river. Surface of the river continues to shrink, and very drastically in the dry season, in recent years. Natural activity in the form of sedimentation along the watershed is also contributing role for pendangkalan river. Decrease in river water level is certainly closely related to the rate of deforestation in the jungles of Borneo. The decline of big trees causing the catchment area can no longer store water for a long time. Thus, if it rains, water flows directly into rivers. In addition, deforestation also causes weathering and erosion take place intense. This causes increased contribution of sediment material into the rivers. Pendangkalan river bottom is often caused the ship caught on the river floor. If this happens, then wait for a tugboat or a flood came, really become a boring job.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Sendawar Survived, Kutim Dismissed

Finance Manager PT Bintang Sendawar Rusdianto Kubar said flight conditions at Kubar, progressed with the increasing number of passengers. 18 seat Twin Otter aircraft used Balikpapan-Samarinda goal-carry back and forth (PP) flights four times a week ie Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are always full. "Once the route Balikpapan-Samarinda 1-5 passengers now have nearly filled. Similarly, an increase in the number of passenger-carrying routes PP Samarinda," said Rusdianto to Kaltim Post, when asked the flight condition at this time Kubar.

Even more exciting, there is increased number of passengers Balikpapan route directly to perform. Similarly, an increase in the flow of passengers behind it, ie perform this Balikpapan. Growth certain number of passengers as the cessation of flights PT Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) Samarinda-carry regulation. And we see the passengers are mostly new people who made possible the investors who will invest in Kubar.
As for flights twice a week Tuesday and Thursday purpose carry Datah Dawai Long Pahangai District Kubar, discontinued since four months ago he said, caused a loss. Because of greater operating costs compared to income.

Regarding commercial rates flight, he says, PT Bintang Sendawar not raise ticket prices. As is known, Balikpapan-Samarinda by 20 minutes flight time Rp192 thousand, Samarinda, 45 minutes carry rates Rp 437.800. The rise in charter rates from 1200 dollars to 1350 dollars per hour. Aircraft charter rate increase as prices rise avtur. Conditions are also increasing. Every Thursday morning chartered PT Kelian Equatorial Mining Balikpapan carry purposes. Meanwhile, Wednesday and Friday chartered by the company to Central Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, Perusda Transportation, Tourism, Telecommunication Business and Industrial Area (PPTKBI) Kutim been frozen. Yet this Perusda never handled the air transport JIO Water Line, the route Sangatta-Islamabad flights. However, by reason quiet passengers, Perusda Regency property is to stop operating Kutim JIO Water.
Once frozen, according to Ir Anung Nugroho, former Director of PPTKBI, all issues concerning the plan to reopen the transport services handled PT Kutai Timur Investama (KTI). "PPTKBI has been replaced with PT KTI. So that all matters related to property businesses Pemkab Perusda Kutim PT KTI was handled," explained Tom Director of PT KTI.
We can not explain when the plan to reopen Sangatta-Islamabad flights. For PT KTI currently more focused on the development of airport expansion and exploration Sangkima cooperation with investors for the opening of services Sangatta angkuta-Islamabad flight. Sangkima own expansion plans are still waiting for permission from the Minister of Finance.

"Letter of request for permission Sangkima airport expansion is still in the process of Minister of Finance. After that we just talked the other development plans," he said.
PPTKBI Kutim Perusda had handled the aircraft transportation services business with Sangatta-Islamabad route. However, management was forced to stop operating leased aircraft Perusda watersheds such as quiet passenger.

Although Perusda Kutim has done breakthrough innovations and new flights from Sangatta - Balikpapan and vice versa, where the flight had been conducted every day of the flight path. However, after walking a few months and rather lonely passengers, airlines reduced to three times a week, ie Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This step is intended that the flights were carried out more effectively and get people's attention in the use of transport services Sangatta flights to Balikpapan and vice versa.
In addition, aircraft used also changed from Cassa aircraft capable of carrying 24 seats (chairs) a twin otter with 18 seats. Even the flight route that is also coupled Sangatta-Samarinda only once a week.

However, management efforts JIO Water Line to reduce the frequency of flights is still not providing results, and on March 3 and it was decided that the flight was terminated.
Problem losses, Kumi said Perusda no losses. The reason is merely facilitators Perusda alone. "All capital and operational costs such as the cost of fuel oil (BBM) and other costs of providing investors handled the plane. Only the salaries of employees on the payroll of Perusda Kutim Pemkab. That is the unique partnership at the time," he said, without mentioning the name of the investor in question.
Perusda own capital? "PPTKBI Perusda not have the capital. All operational activities, including salaries of employees when it was borne Pemkab Kutim," he explained again. (emeralds / yes)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Terms of Boeing Landed in Kalimarau Airport

Berau society seems to be patient waiting for the aircraft types Boeing 737 series 200 landed at Kalimarau Airport. In order to stop off of Boing 737, dilengkapai mandatory Kalimarau airport apron and taxi facilities which construction targeted way completed before the implementation of the PON XVII 2008. TO build a facility Apron 53 meters wide x 183 meters and taxi way, Berau regency reportedly ready to disburse funds in 2008 budget of Rp 20 billion. But, on the other side of the very pessimistic, construction of apron and taxi way could be completed before the PON XVII 2008.

The reason is, building apron and taxi way need special treatment and no technical stages to go. Among them, the auction process works projects are usually quite time consuming.

Development discourse associated apron and taxi way as the sine qua non for Airport may be based Kalimarau Boing 737 aircraft types - 200 series, Head of Airport Kalimarau Avirianto proposed, the parties involved immediately form a team. In the team, technical personnel should be included so that later can provide input, especially regarding the feasibility of construction.

"This is for acceleration. However, despite all that, that once again terpulang to Regency. If this diseriusi, then hope the entry of big aircraft more quickly realized, too, "Avirianto advice.

Ditegaskannya, currently has 2 airline said its readiness to fly a plane type Boing 7373 - 200 series Kalimarau Airport. The two airlines mentioned, Sriwijaya Air and Mandala Air.

To prove his seriousness, even the 2 airlines have done to test the feasibility Kalimarau Airport. Where, when this community pride Berau airport was already equipped facilities runway 1850 meters. That's not including the displacement along the 400 meters.

From the results of the feasibility test, the 2 national airline optimistic Boing 737-200 aircraft types, can eventually landed at Kalimarau Airport. (mps)

Airport Closed Kalimarau Smoke Fog, Flight Bothered

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 | 17:30 pm

TEMPO Interactive, Samarinda - Airport Kalimaru in Berau, East Kalimantan for Tuesday (8 / 9) closed smog. As a result, the three airlines to cancel flights to the destination airport.

"We do not close the airport, because of bad weather canceled the airline," said Captain Avirianto, Head of Airport Kalimarau Tuesday (8 / 9).

According to him, canceling the flight is the airline's decision to weather considerations. All day vertical visibility in the air Berau less than one kilometer. Whereas the normal visibility in flight visibility reaches at least 1.6 kilometers.

Avirianto said, as long as only one flight Tuesday departure at 09.45 WITA. "So much time the weather was fine about 2 kilometers line of sight," he said. Condition continued to deteriorate into the afternoon.

Kalimarau Airport in darati three airlines Batavia Air, Cal Star and Trigana Air. These three airlines in the day to do as much as 26 times the movement, coming and going to the airport in this Berau. There are at least 500 people came out and went into Berau every day.

Meanwhile in Samarinda, were two aircraft owned by airlines and Trigana Cal Star all day parking. The aircraft was canceled flights after learning the bad weather, smog Kalimarau Airport. "Two aircraft have been canceled," said Joni M Rikani, Head Temindung Samarinda Airport.

Recognition of the passengers at the airport Temindung, Trigana Air plane that first canceled the flight, around 14.00 WITA. While the new Star Kal aircraft flights canceled at about 15:30 PST.

This makes the cancellation disappointment for frustrated passengers flying. Disappointing passenger before the cancellation of the flight delays had occurred until noon.

"We here at 08.30 WITA since, until now not fly. Last canceled," said Roben Tumade, prospective passengers Cal Star. As a substitute for the two airlines flight dispatcher candidate will passengers on Wednesday (9 / 9) morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Balikpapan primp to semimetropolitan

The availability of infrastructure such as electricity and clean water is still a constraint, but the property business in Balikpapan keep moving up. Superblock become one type of property that appears in the oil city.

Seven-in-one concept is one selling point offered by PT Regis Wake Laksana (PAM Group) in Balikpapan Superblock project. Inside were a.l. apartment, Supermal, shop, city walk, park offices, and Water World. Walk to city facilities, consumers are pampered with cafes and restaurants.

To realize the project's area of 15 hectares, the funds reached Rp2 trillion buried.

Besides Balikpapan Superblock, the city which is the business center in East Kalimantan also has a Grand Sudirman Balikpapan built Helindo Bangunraya PT Sejahtera. This project has three built-hotel towers, offices, apartments / condominiums, in an integrated area which began full operation in August 2008.

In the project's area of 2 ha are Panin Tower with 17 floors. Two other towers are Aston Aston Residence and the realization Grand Sudirman a matter of time.

Switch to PT Hasta Kreasimandiri. Hasta Group subsidiary is working on shopping centers and hotels combined with the 80-meter-high apartment consists of 17 floors which is named the New Market Square.

In the early completion of development targets the second half of next year, now PT Hasta has completed erection mall structure. Living process and structure of the apartment hotel building. Branch PT Hasta Kreasimandiri Puguh Santoso said the physical condition of progress was 70%. Ground floor of the stalls will be occupied by 2148 merchants.

The project, which swallowed Rp500 billion and occupies 130,000 m2 area consists of 25 shop units, 64 apartment units and 130 hotel rooms. Plus five-storey parking area that can accommodate 1,000 units of motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicle 800.

Not to be outdone, the city of Balikpapan is also the arrival of new players, namely Indonesia PT Session Properties which plans to establish regional Seaview Beach Apartment Permai Mas and PT Pandega Citraniaga who worked for The New Plaza Balikpapan. Currently speeding Pandega Balikpapan Trade Center building that is part of the grand design of the expansion.

Sea panorama

Most developers rely on Balikpapan panoramic sea as one jualannya.

Jalan Sudirman along 8 km of the city's oil is located in the Balikpapan Bay waters. Storey buildings or apartments around the area also has a sea view when its sunny blue or black sea bathed in light-rig drilling rig offshore oil in at night.

Still from the Sudirman area, along the shore of Balikpapan Bay, local government plans to build a coastal road. In the next six months, estimated the development will be rolling coastal road.

This step is more stable after Balikpapan municipal government signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Indoliziz, one Malaysian contractor to build this coastal road. Development plans coastal road starting from the harbor to Semayang Sepinggan Airport and spent the funds Rp2, 5 trillion.

"This area will be extended to the sea and was able to boost the emergence of new property projects and encourage the city into semi-metropolis," said Sudiyanto.

At least five developers who are interested to join the development work on the coastal road PT Seaview, PT Pandega Citraniaga, PT Hasta Kreasimandiri, and PT Bangun Laksana Wulandari.

Business development property in Balikpapan is the middle stretch. Private circles also welcomed the positive signs of this.

Chairman of the DPD Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Kaltim J. Sudiyanto, revealed in addition to Samarinda, Balikpapan is a pole of the property market developments in the province.

If Balikpapan superior than the expatriate population that boost the property market apartments in the area, so strong in the market Samarinda landed house.

"Property market in East Kalimantan continues excited now, either apartments or landed house," said Sudiyanto.

So is the Vice Chairman of Kadin Kota Balikpapan Ervan assess the banner of the property market in Balikpapan has been enormous. Live how synergizing Balikpapan municipal government work programs to offset the property development business area integrated with other public facilities to community needs.

Balikpapan Build Rp 4 T Coastal Road

BALIKPAPAN - Pemerintah Kota Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, is developing a new business center on the beach along the eight miles. This business center extends from the Sea Port of Passenger Ship to shore Semayang Sepinggan (near the airport Sepinggan).

"Coastal marine bay road, approximately 150 meters from the shoreline with a length of eight pounds. So that will be done in accordance with the reclamation plan side," said Chief Investment Agency Integrated Services Licensing (BPMP2T) Asranuddinsyah, in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Tuesday (4 / 8 / 2009).

Currently only three private companies interested in developing coastal areas in Balikpapan. New business center in this coastal area would later be developed into coastal road as Malaysia and Singapore.

Asranuddinsyah said, adopting the concept of coastal road that has been successfully developed in Singapore and Malaysia. There, the coastal road to developing office buildings, malls, hotels, restaurants, until the vertical housing. "This is in accordance with the city of Balikpapan in services and trade," he said.

According Asranuddinsyah, the city government (local administration) have offered this road coastal development since 2002 with a total investment value reaching Rp4 trillion. After a routine promotion to various business meetings and to the developers.

"Has anybody interested, and they will be included in the tender but after we get the technical guidance of the Minister of Home Affairs (Mardiyanto)," he concluded.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Travel Accessories in Dry Season

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Alternatives For Airport Development Plan Replacement Melalan

SAMARINDA - Pemkab Kutai Barat (Kubar) propose an alternative 5 as the location for the development of Airport (Airport) in Sendawar, instead of the Airport property Melalan TNI-AU is at this time. This is to anticipate the needs of air transportation facilities in this area in future.

Given the distance Sendawar (Kubar capital) with other cities in East Kalimantan be regarded very much. From Samarinda to Sendawar only land transportation with the most rapid take 6 hours, while if the Mahakam River to the ship time is much longer. Therefore, air transportation is very necessary.

Fifth is the location, the location of existing (Melalan Airport), Kampung Keay (Begalak), Kampung Rinding (District of Peace), Kampung Dempar (Terajuk), and village across Melak (District Manoor Bulatn). "Location-new location this is our proposal, later the central government determine or decide which location is selected," said the Head of Department of Transportation Kubar Gun Yulius to this newspaper, yesterday.

He explains, new airport development plan that, because the confidence that Sendawar akan growing so big city. Necessarily require adequate means of transportation such as the airport is more representative. Not to mention the comfort and security factors in the surrounding population must be considered with the presence of the airport in the middle of the city. "So, we plan the airport is only as Melalan Airport. Not the new airport. However, we propose a new location. Matter of funding has not been discussed, including the exemption of land. Moreover, permission, "he explained.

Mentioned, at this time Kubar have 2 airport. That is, the data wire in the Airport District and the Long Pahangai Airport Melalan own in Sendawar. Data wire for the Airport, at this time can didarati small airplanes. Similarly with the Airport Melalan, even though the runway (the runway) in the development stage. Where, the length of the runway about 900 meters by 300 meters, became the 1,200 meters.

Although this arrangement, the airport authority over the provincial government and the central government, but Pemkab Kubar not turn this area long enough that the air transport security. Given the geographic factors Kubar which consists of 21 districts be calculated challenging. Some areas rely solely on river transportation that requires some time, not because of land transportation.

Airport development plans on the data wire, Pemkab Kubar can not do much. The airport is under the shelter management Temindung Airport in Samarinda. (kri)

Airports in West Kutai

Kutai Barat (Kubar) has two airports, namely Melalan Sendawar and Datah Long Pahangai wire. But it is also quiet during the flight of the last three years. It is reduced to the termination of the flight. In fact, the demand for air service user, particularly in the border districts (Long Pahangai and Long Apari), is high enough.

Head of Transportation Office of Communications and Information Technology (Dishubkominfo) Kubar Drs Yulius Gun through Kabid Land and Air Adi Sucipto said, Kubar diterbangi first two flights, namely PT Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) and PT Sendawar Stars.

"But somehow, around the beginning of the year 2007, the DAS stop flight. DAS usually serves the route Samarinda Datah wire (Long Pahangai), Melalan Sendawar (formerly Melak), and Airport Temindung Samarinda, "called Adi, Kasi justified Kebandaraan Paul Herman, yesterday.

Lapse of two years, precisely the beginning of the year 2009, turn Stars Sendawar stop flight Datah wire-Samarinda Datah and wire-Melalan Sendawar. Termination of Sendawar Stars operates DHC-6 Twin Otter with 18 seats, the termination of subsidies related to the flight by Kubar Pemkab. Stars Sendawar now only fly Melalan Sendawar-Samarinda-Balikpapan, 3 times a week.

Adi said, the number of passengers each month from Sendawar Star Melalan Sendawar or Balikpapan-Samarinda is still quite high. "On average, 200 more passengers each month. Even when the operation is still PT DAS, reaching an average of 300-400 people per month, "sebutnya.

Diakuinya, many residents insist that the flight route in the earlier fixed-routes resumed. "While there is no more subsidy. Komersilnya such as tariffs providing for this, between Rp 500 to Rp 600 per thousand people, "said Paul Herman, fake border residents. Moreover, when the Mahakam River water is receding due to drought. A result, freight transport services water transportation increasingly expensive, even compared to the flight.

"If the water is being increased, rates Longboat Apari Long-Long Bagun Rp 600 ribu. More from Long Bagun to the capital district. If the drought so much more expensive, "sebutnya.

Dishubkominfo, according to Paul Herman, have been neutralize some airlines, like Susi Air, fly the route and abandoned DAS Stars Sendawar. But until now there are no answers.

Despite the quiet flight, the increased runway (runway) continue to be made. In Melalan Sendawar Airport, runway length selebar 23 meters is added, from 900 meters to be 1200 meters, 900 meters before. Similarly in the Airport Datah wire, extended 750 meters with a width of runway

Increased Route to Kutai Barat (East Kalimantan)


Arriving at Your Door Gate East Kalimantan Sepinggan Airport in Balikpapan, you can go directly to the West Kutai charter car travel time 9 hours and can also go to the River Bus Terminal Kunjang Samarinda Ulu. Bus Diterminal River Kunjang you choose transportation bus / car direction Melak (Samarinda - Melak) with a departure time from 07.00 hrs until 13:00.
Through the City Build (Take the Ship's City Build)

Go West Kutai also through City Build. Diterminal bus Kunjang River Bus direction you choose Samarinda - Kota Bangun. Time of the Samarinda - Kota Bangun is 2 hours 30 minutes. Arriving in the city, you must waiting up your ship's stop in the port of Samarinda City. Usually ships from arriving in the city of Samarinda up at between 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Can also charter speedboat City Build - Melak distance travel 2 - 3 hours.

Air Transportation

arriving at the Airport Balikpapan you continue your journey to Kota Samarinda. Then you go to Port of Samarinda Ulu Sungai Kunjang. Ships in the Port River Kunjang direction you choose to ship Melak - Long Iram - Long Bagun. Ship passenger department Melak - Long Iram - Long Bagun departure 07.00 hours every day morning journey through more than 17 minutes to the harbor Melak - Sendawar. Arriving at the Port of Melak you can go to the nearest hotel is a few minutes walk.
Air Transportation

Arriving at the gate Sepinggan Balikpapan Airport, you can continue the flight to the West Kutai District (Airport Melalan) with Stars Sendawar plane, travel time 45 minutes.

PT. BINTANG SENDAWAR Company Regional Aviation Kutai Barat.

PT. BINTANG SENDAWAR Perusahaan Penerbangan Daerah Kutai Barat
Main Office
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Melak, Kutai Barat Kaltim
Phone : +62 0545 - 41969
Fax : +62 0545 - 41970
Branch Office
Puri Sentra Niaga B-29
Jl. Raya Kalimalang - Jatiwaringin, Jakarta Timur 13620
Phone : +62 021 - 8626789
Fax : +62 021 - 8626813
Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan
Jl. Marsma Iswahyudi, Balikpapan
Phone : +62 0542 - 765594
Fax : +62 0542 - 764274
Flight Schedule
Senin & Rabu :
Balikpapan (14:00) - Samarinda (14:35)
Samarinda (14:55) - Melak (15:50)
Melak (15:55) - Balikpapan (16.50)
Sabtu :
Balikpapan (11:00) - Samarinda (11:35)
Samarinda (11:55) - Melak (12:35)
Melak (12:50) - Samarinda (13.35)
Samarinda (13:55) - Balikpapan (14:30)
Info & Reservasi
Phone : +62 0545 - 41969
HP : +62 08125537475
Phone : +62 0542 - 765594
HP : +62 0542 - 7107343
Phone : +62 0541 - 7070045
HP : +62 0811540894

Friday, June 19, 2009

New House with New Home Furnishing and Decoration

House is shelter, gather, and the rest of the family. House need to be styled a way, so the family feels comfortable living in it. Regulation requires a distinctive home in accordance taste home owners, taking into account the condition of the home, mobility, and many family members.

Home Furnishing and Decoration is a key element of decorate the house. Home furnishing and decoration to suit your home will enhance comfort and add home. Trends home minimalist now, needs to place a simple home accessories and small home as needed. Home accessories is selected that can be placed near walls or stick to the ceiling. Placement of home accessories, that this house looks large.

Lamps to be enlightening as well as elements of governance determines the very light taste determine whether the house or do not feel knowledgeable. So that the feel comfortable with the bright lights for the house is small.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kutai Timur develops of ports Maloy.

Sengatta, Kominfo Newsroom - The stages of development in the port of Maloy District Sangkulirang done and continues, and the port is expected to become the mainstay in the East Kutai District, Prov. East Kalimantan, which is international.

''We will soon discuss the development plans of ports maturation Maloy as the center of CPO (crude palm oil) to metropolitan centers and downstream industry, ‘said Regent Faroek Ishak Awang in Sengatta, Tuesday (8 / 7).

Through the meeting, Regent Awang Faroek Isaac expects the agreement and have point light Maloy port development plan, so in the near future can be started.

To develop the port is very important and must be supported by various parties. This port will become the center of CPO outlet or Kalimantan.

Maloy has a very strategic location compared to some other port in East Kalimantan. Maloy facing directly to the Makassar Strait and the sea flows in two Indonesian islands (ALKI II) with rik depth between 15 to 18 meters.

If the port development ''Maloy successfully developed, then 10 or 15 years Maloy crossing thousands of ships,''said Ishak Awang Faroek.

Pengemba ngan Maloy port has received support center. through funds Rp 40 billion. In fact, Maloy area land area of 40,000 hectares and is ready to diinventarisasi built. ''Ten thousand hectares from 40,000 hectares had been released,''said Ishak Awang Faroek.

Keserius an Pemkab Kutim build support for the representative through a number of related parties, considering the benefits of this region have a very diverse. Potential of natural resources (SDA) which is the grace of God, must be managed with either professional goodness for mankind.

Next time, who take advantage of the port of Maloy not Kutim only. Even companies in the oil palm Kalimantan will be concentrated in Maloy. Potential in other areas of ports not possible to be developed because of geographical factors. The only harbor the potential to be developed into international ports only in Maloy,''said Ishak Awang Faroek.

Arab fund Kaltim Port Rp 18 Trillion: Rail trains that will be used to haul coal.

VIVAnews - Investors from the Middle East will build infrastructure facilities in the coal transporter Kutai, East Kalimantan worth U.S. $ 1.5 billion or Rp 18 trillion.

Execution is carried out by the government Ras Al-Khaimah Emirate, one of the countries the United Arab Emirates federation with the Province of East Kalimantan on the sidelines of the World Islamic Economic Forum in Jakarta on Monday, 2 March 2009.

"The value of coal transportation infrastructure is one of the biggest contracts," said Minister of BUMN Sofyan Djalil.

According to him, investments worth U.S. $ 1.5 billion will be used to build a rail carrier of coal trains along the 200 kilometers, the port and industrial area by Kutai, East Kalimantan.

Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) M Lutfi said investment railway development requires the value of U.S. $ 500 million. Next, will be added to U.S. $ 750 million - 1 billion. "Later that rail will be used to carry coal," said Lutfi.

Besides in Kalimantan, Ras al-Khaimah also working to open a smelting in South Sumatra. The location is in the foreland area of fire-fire. The process according to Lutfi, waiting for a decision to stay.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kukar Build New Air Port

Kukar seems really serious to build the airport (the airport) in his district. Kukar Pemkab even have to prepare the land area of 1300 hectares in the Village District Jongkang Loa Kulu, a part of land that has been released about 300 hectares.

Meanwhile, funding for, Pemkab entrust the entire cost of the airport of origin to Hong Kong investors, PT. Golden Dragon. Ditanamkan total investment in airport projects is U.S. $ 150 million or Rp. 1.5 trillion (exchange rate U.S. $ 1 = Rp. 10.000, -). "This is the first airport in India that use Intra moda system, ie, combining land transportation routes, water and air. Even not be charged for funding through the budget, but the responsibility of the investor. We only provide the land alone, "said Regent Kukar H HR Syaukani when the exposure Kukar Airport in East Kalimantan Governor Office, on Wednesday.

Present in the delivery of exposure among this Kukar Airport East Kalimantan Governor Suwarna AF H, Assistant Sekprov Kaltim II H Nusyirwan Ismail, Member of DPRD Kaltim Darlis Pattolongi and James Tuwo.

Then comes the fist BAPPEDA Gafur Kaltim H Solomon and Chairman of the High T Sihite Kaltim. Kukar Pemkab of the present, among other fist Dishub Ir Bogel Alus, Head BAPPEDA Fathan Djoenaidi, Head PU Ir Sugiyanto and staff of the Information and Foreign Affairs Judith A Navarro Diputro.

Head of PU Kukar Ir Sugiyanto disclose, manufacture Airport was conducted four companies joined in the Consultant Engineering Consortium, the Graha Cipta Hadiprana (architecture, building construction), House of Indonesia (business plan), Dirgantara Indonesia (navigation, communication and safety), and Pakaraya (procurement of human resources, development of human resources).

According to him, in the direction Kukar this airport is Brisbane Airport, Australia. We apply a three-phase development for the first phase with a 2500 m long runway commenced the year 2008-2011. The second phase commenced year 2011-2015 to the last phase long runway can reach 3300 m with 240 flights.

"Hopefully in the first phase the airport this can dioperasionalkan. Moreover, the Pon XVII in 2008, it is likely we will kebut. But if not, we will not be forced, "said Sugiyanto.

Exposure senantiasanya have a question-answer session eventually eliminated, because the invitation comes not play an active role. In addition, the schedule is tight because of the Governor together with the activities reviewed in the preparation of embarkation Hajj Balikpapan. So after the fete entourage Pemkab Kukar, Governor Suwarna depart directly to Balikpapan.

Regent Syaukani opportunity to give a picture cenderamata airport to the Governor Suwarna AF, DPRD Kaltim, East Kalimantan and BAPPEDA Kaltim High Court, "who have got this cenderamata he should support the development of the airport," said Syaukani laughter greeted the direct invitation casual exposure. ans of transportation for coal that can be relied upon. Similarly with oil palm to the front and hopefully can carry passengers," he said.

Kota Bangun and Loa Kulu Log In Rail Line

Kota Bangun and Loa Kulu, Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar), is one of the alternative route to the train journey Balikpapan. This is said Commissioner of PT Nuansa Group (NG) in the event presentation Susanto pre feasibility reports of development plans and the train Kaltim Kartanegara in Hotel Room Senyiur Samarinda, on Wednesday (11 / 6), yesterday.

Development plans and the train in East Kalimantan is the Indonesian government cooperation with the Government of East Kalimantan, especially Korea, or joint task force on Indonesia-Korea Energy & Infrastructure. The meeting was attended Sekprov Syaiful Teteng and representatives of district / city-se Kaltim.

Development along this train of approximately 350 - 500 kilometers, is estimated to cost as much USD 700 million or as much Rp 2 - 3 trillion. Plan to build Kalimantan coal port and railway terminal preliminary in East Kalimantan, the Indonesian government also involve a director Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) and PT Cipta Group Feel Jakarta.

While Sekprov Kaltim Syaiful Teteng speech in order to expect the support and participation of related institutions membidangi this problem, it can help so that development plans and the train can run smoothly as expected.

"Do not MoU (tota understanding) is ultimately only as a slogan," said Teteng.

Development of this train, he added, not just new ideas. But it was as much santer year 1995/1996 ago.

"But alhamdulillah eventually be realized, East Kalimantan have a new means of transportation for coal that can be relied upon. Similarly with oil palm to the front and hopefully can carry passengers," he said..