Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Sendawar Survived, Kutim Dismissed

Finance Manager PT Bintang Sendawar Rusdianto Kubar said flight conditions at Kubar, progressed with the increasing number of passengers. 18 seat Twin Otter aircraft used Balikpapan-Samarinda goal-carry back and forth (PP) flights four times a week ie Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are always full. "Once the route Balikpapan-Samarinda 1-5 passengers now have nearly filled. Similarly, an increase in the number of passenger-carrying routes PP Samarinda," said Rusdianto to Kaltim Post, when asked the flight condition at this time Kubar.

Even more exciting, there is increased number of passengers Balikpapan route directly to perform. Similarly, an increase in the flow of passengers behind it, ie perform this Balikpapan. Growth certain number of passengers as the cessation of flights PT Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) Samarinda-carry regulation. And we see the passengers are mostly new people who made possible the investors who will invest in Kubar.
As for flights twice a week Tuesday and Thursday purpose carry Datah Dawai Long Pahangai District Kubar, discontinued since four months ago he said, caused a loss. Because of greater operating costs compared to income.

Regarding commercial rates flight, he says, PT Bintang Sendawar not raise ticket prices. As is known, Balikpapan-Samarinda by 20 minutes flight time Rp192 thousand, Samarinda, 45 minutes carry rates Rp 437.800. The rise in charter rates from 1200 dollars to 1350 dollars per hour. Aircraft charter rate increase as prices rise avtur. Conditions are also increasing. Every Thursday morning chartered PT Kelian Equatorial Mining Balikpapan carry purposes. Meanwhile, Wednesday and Friday chartered by the company to Central Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, Perusda Transportation, Tourism, Telecommunication Business and Industrial Area (PPTKBI) Kutim been frozen. Yet this Perusda never handled the air transport JIO Water Line, the route Sangatta-Islamabad flights. However, by reason quiet passengers, Perusda Regency property is to stop operating Kutim JIO Water.
Once frozen, according to Ir Anung Nugroho, former Director of PPTKBI, all issues concerning the plan to reopen the transport services handled PT Kutai Timur Investama (KTI). "PPTKBI has been replaced with PT KTI. So that all matters related to property businesses Pemkab Perusda Kutim PT KTI was handled," explained Tom Director of PT KTI.
We can not explain when the plan to reopen Sangatta-Islamabad flights. For PT KTI currently more focused on the development of airport expansion and exploration Sangkima cooperation with investors for the opening of services Sangatta angkuta-Islamabad flight. Sangkima own expansion plans are still waiting for permission from the Minister of Finance.

"Letter of request for permission Sangkima airport expansion is still in the process of Minister of Finance. After that we just talked the other development plans," he said.
PPTKBI Kutim Perusda had handled the aircraft transportation services business with Sangatta-Islamabad route. However, management was forced to stop operating leased aircraft Perusda watersheds such as quiet passenger.

Although Perusda Kutim has done breakthrough innovations and new flights from Sangatta - Balikpapan and vice versa, where the flight had been conducted every day of the flight path. However, after walking a few months and rather lonely passengers, airlines reduced to three times a week, ie Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This step is intended that the flights were carried out more effectively and get people's attention in the use of transport services Sangatta flights to Balikpapan and vice versa.
In addition, aircraft used also changed from Cassa aircraft capable of carrying 24 seats (chairs) a twin otter with 18 seats. Even the flight route that is also coupled Sangatta-Samarinda only once a week.

However, management efforts JIO Water Line to reduce the frequency of flights is still not providing results, and on March 3 and it was decided that the flight was terminated.
Problem losses, Kumi said Perusda no losses. The reason is merely facilitators Perusda alone. "All capital and operational costs such as the cost of fuel oil (BBM) and other costs of providing investors handled the plane. Only the salaries of employees on the payroll of Perusda Kutim Pemkab. That is the unique partnership at the time," he said, without mentioning the name of the investor in question.
Perusda own capital? "PPTKBI Perusda not have the capital. All operational activities, including salaries of employees when it was borne Pemkab Kutim," he explained again. (emeralds / yes)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Terms of Boeing Landed in Kalimarau Airport

Berau society seems to be patient waiting for the aircraft types Boeing 737 series 200 landed at Kalimarau Airport. In order to stop off of Boing 737, dilengkapai mandatory Kalimarau airport apron and taxi facilities which construction targeted way completed before the implementation of the PON XVII 2008. TO build a facility Apron 53 meters wide x 183 meters and taxi way, Berau regency reportedly ready to disburse funds in 2008 budget of Rp 20 billion. But, on the other side of the very pessimistic, construction of apron and taxi way could be completed before the PON XVII 2008.

The reason is, building apron and taxi way need special treatment and no technical stages to go. Among them, the auction process works projects are usually quite time consuming.

Development discourse associated apron and taxi way as the sine qua non for Airport may be based Kalimarau Boing 737 aircraft types - 200 series, Head of Airport Kalimarau Avirianto proposed, the parties involved immediately form a team. In the team, technical personnel should be included so that later can provide input, especially regarding the feasibility of construction.

"This is for acceleration. However, despite all that, that once again terpulang to Regency. If this diseriusi, then hope the entry of big aircraft more quickly realized, too, "Avirianto advice.

Ditegaskannya, currently has 2 airline said its readiness to fly a plane type Boing 7373 - 200 series Kalimarau Airport. The two airlines mentioned, Sriwijaya Air and Mandala Air.

To prove his seriousness, even the 2 airlines have done to test the feasibility Kalimarau Airport. Where, when this community pride Berau airport was already equipped facilities runway 1850 meters. That's not including the displacement along the 400 meters.

From the results of the feasibility test, the 2 national airline optimistic Boing 737-200 aircraft types, can eventually landed at Kalimarau Airport. (mps)

Airport Closed Kalimarau Smoke Fog, Flight Bothered

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 | 17:30 pm

TEMPO Interactive, Samarinda - Airport Kalimaru in Berau, East Kalimantan for Tuesday (8 / 9) closed smog. As a result, the three airlines to cancel flights to the destination airport.

"We do not close the airport, because of bad weather canceled the airline," said Captain Avirianto, Head of Airport Kalimarau Tuesday (8 / 9).

According to him, canceling the flight is the airline's decision to weather considerations. All day vertical visibility in the air Berau less than one kilometer. Whereas the normal visibility in flight visibility reaches at least 1.6 kilometers.

Avirianto said, as long as only one flight Tuesday departure at 09.45 WITA. "So much time the weather was fine about 2 kilometers line of sight," he said. Condition continued to deteriorate into the afternoon.

Kalimarau Airport in darati three airlines Batavia Air, Cal Star and Trigana Air. These three airlines in the day to do as much as 26 times the movement, coming and going to the airport in this Berau. There are at least 500 people came out and went into Berau every day.

Meanwhile in Samarinda, were two aircraft owned by airlines and Trigana Cal Star all day parking. The aircraft was canceled flights after learning the bad weather, smog Kalimarau Airport. "Two aircraft have been canceled," said Joni M Rikani, Head Temindung Samarinda Airport.

Recognition of the passengers at the airport Temindung, Trigana Air plane that first canceled the flight, around 14.00 WITA. While the new Star Kal aircraft flights canceled at about 15:30 PST.

This makes the cancellation disappointment for frustrated passengers flying. Disappointing passenger before the cancellation of the flight delays had occurred until noon.

"We here at 08.30 WITA since, until now not fly. Last canceled," said Roben Tumade, prospective passengers Cal Star. As a substitute for the two airlines flight dispatcher candidate will passengers on Wednesday (9 / 9) morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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