Friday, December 10, 2010

Awang Insisted Build Penajam-Balikpapan Bridges.

BALIKPAPAN - Governor of East Kalimantan Ishak Awang Farouk adamant to build a bridge that connects Aberdeen and North Paser Penajam. He said the bridge construction plan was a priority infrastructure projects in his tenure today.

"Although there are pros and cons because there are two choices, we still have to choose one of them and have to walk," said Awang when found in space (VVIP) Sepinggan Airport after receiving the Executive Budget Entry List (DIPA) of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 6 / 1) afternoon.

Awang added that the construction of the bridge which was mentioned that mega-projects, including priority in DIPA Kaltim recently received from President Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday (5 / 1). Benefits Awang said, to increase local community economy. The rest is revenue received by local governments with the bridge estimated to cost $ 1 trillion.

Other benefits according to the newly inaugurated governor of East Kalimantan, namely ease traffic in and out of people who-Penajam Balikpapan, Banjarmasin even. "Development is not only useful but also cross-town to cross the province," he said.

The bridge is planned to be built with construction type cable stayed and arch concrete presstres it will involve the private sector from within and outside of East Kalimantan. "I think both of them (investors) can get even from abroad can join with those in East Kalimantan," said Awang. Before construction, Awang'll ask the team to conduct a feasibility study first.

He hopes construction of the bridge is supported by a feasibility study which mature as an important part of a large project. For no more polemics between PPU and Balikpapan. "The bottom line to walk," said Awang.

Apart from Balikpapan-Penajam Island Bridge, will complete the construction of Bridge Awang Mahulu and Crown II in Samarinda. Other contents of the DIPA is the head area were asked to complete infrastructure projects that are still running or not running at all. For example, trans-Kalimantan highway construction or highway. "Actually, the message from the President the same for all head regions, but for Kaltim to immediately build a toll lane or highway," said this former East Kutai Regent.

Other infrastructure development namely the port of Samarinda and Maloy as regional and international port. "Outlet of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) was prepared," he said. Another problem that must be resolved in DIPA also requires him to complete the electrical Kaltim. Everything can be done gradually.

In the near East Kalimantan provincial government will establish a Rural Area Management Board and the Remote Area after the change of PP 41 of the Delegation of the status, duties and powers of the Minister of Finance to companies, public companies and service companies to the state minister of state enterprises.

Nipah-Nipah - Melawai
Related to the location of the bridge that will be built soon, the Regent PPU Andi Harahap explained, select the Nipah-Nipah built directly into the Melawai in Balikpapan. However, the final decision still left to the National Planning Board to determine the point of the bridge location. "Although not agree on Melawai Balikpapan, but if the center agrees want anything," he said.

Andi said that if the central government through the state budget could not afford it still have the other way. How that will be pursued with the request to the central government to issue a permit toll bridge Penajam-Balikpapan. If permission toll issued, a number of investors ready to build the bridge. In the PPU's 2009 budget will be budgeted USD 1.5 billion for accelerated bridge construction team.

Construction of bridge-Melawai Nipahnipah, according to Head of Bappeda PPU Ibrahim still engineered consultant planner. Cable bridge or permanent bridge hydrolic system up and down in the path of the ship service. Three ports on the back of the bridge, fused Semayang Pertamina oil jetty, the other port and container Penajam Kariangau Balikpapan ready by 2012.

Superficiality Nipahnipah 300 meters off the coast, and 500 meters at the Melawai, from straan Pertamina to Tukung Island, can be backfilled. The deepest 17 meters, width of 2.4 kilometers, a cruise ship line. Required height of the bridge to 40 meters from sea level tide for crossing under the bridge.

Penajam Bridge-the longest and grandest later Balikpapan in Kalimantan. This bridge will cost around Rp 3.7 trillion, not too much compared to the benefits throughout the ages. (Bay / mir)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kariangau Container Terminal Project Retired Fisherman, Balikpapan: Dozens of fishermen to stop the container terminal development project Kariangau, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The following action has not been agreed compensation for the damage and reduction in fish catches due to the construction of one of the largest container terminal in East Kalimantan that., Balikpapan: Dozens of fishermen shut and stop picking container terminal construction project Karingau, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. The following action has not been agreed compensation for the damage and reduction in fish catches due to the construction of one of the largest container terminal in East Kalimantan that.

Closing done dozens of fishermen from Jenebora, North Paser Penajam District, which held a rally yesterday. Fishermen assess the project which is one of vital national assets worth Rp252 billion more this has resulted in damage and berkurannya catches at least 28 fishermen fishing gear owned by fishermen around the project site.

According to the agreement today fishermen tolerate until 15:00 pm. If there is no certainty to compensation of about Rp2, 2 billion into the demands of fishermen, the protesters shut down and stop the activities of container construction.

Meanwhile, representatives of PT Pelindo IV Balikpapan together with provincial governments and the City of Aberdeen until the news was revealed still have a meeting to discuss the issue. Representatives of fishermen, Syamsudin said the closings and the suspension was carried out as agreed at the first meeting. Action must be done because there is no clarity about the compensation of damaged fishing gear and reduced the catch of fishermen. (Muhammad Hilmansyah / Bey)