Sunday, November 8, 2009

Airport Closed Kalimarau Smoke Fog, Flight Bothered

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 | 17:30 pm

TEMPO Interactive, Samarinda - Airport Kalimaru in Berau, East Kalimantan for Tuesday (8 / 9) closed smog. As a result, the three airlines to cancel flights to the destination airport.

"We do not close the airport, because of bad weather canceled the airline," said Captain Avirianto, Head of Airport Kalimarau Tuesday (8 / 9).

According to him, canceling the flight is the airline's decision to weather considerations. All day vertical visibility in the air Berau less than one kilometer. Whereas the normal visibility in flight visibility reaches at least 1.6 kilometers.

Avirianto said, as long as only one flight Tuesday departure at 09.45 WITA. "So much time the weather was fine about 2 kilometers line of sight," he said. Condition continued to deteriorate into the afternoon.

Kalimarau Airport in darati three airlines Batavia Air, Cal Star and Trigana Air. These three airlines in the day to do as much as 26 times the movement, coming and going to the airport in this Berau. There are at least 500 people came out and went into Berau every day.

Meanwhile in Samarinda, were two aircraft owned by airlines and Trigana Cal Star all day parking. The aircraft was canceled flights after learning the bad weather, smog Kalimarau Airport. "Two aircraft have been canceled," said Joni M Rikani, Head Temindung Samarinda Airport.

Recognition of the passengers at the airport Temindung, Trigana Air plane that first canceled the flight, around 14.00 WITA. While the new Star Kal aircraft flights canceled at about 15:30 PST.

This makes the cancellation disappointment for frustrated passengers flying. Disappointing passenger before the cancellation of the flight delays had occurred until noon.

"We here at 08.30 WITA since, until now not fly. Last canceled," said Roben Tumade, prospective passengers Cal Star. As a substitute for the two airlines flight dispatcher candidate will passengers on Wednesday (9 / 9) morning.