Friday, December 26, 2008

Business in the crisis

If it happened some time ago in the Indonesian monetary crisis with the increase in oil prices. Most people choose the retail business on the fringe of the road. Now, when the monetary crisis the world, trends in agricultural business twist. From stocks, real in the agricultural business to sell fruit at the side road. So also made by My Blog.
If you want to take advantage of business opportunities that agriculture is the twist. Agricultural business will never be exhausted. Business in the field of agriculture is the main base business in Indonesia should. So that the business development of agriculture a priority.
One of the commodity which is the business opportunity is a sales Salak Pondoh, you can visit my blog for more details. You can be a process marketers or any Salak Pondoh a snack that can be durable and packed so many fans. This can be as tela-tela in the past.
Salak Pondoh can be a variety of snacks, such as candy, chips, dodol, syrup and more. The existence of a guaranteed supply will guarantee the sustainability of this business. For that will have major roles in the supply of major raw materials into the making of processed snacks. Also wherever with My Blog.


Anonymous said...

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SatoNa said...

Salak Pondoh? baru pertama x denger. huhu.. tapi mungkin karena aku ga suka salak kali yaah..

yah moga" walopun krisis, pedagang-pedagang sayuran dan buah-buahan tetep dapet penghasilan yang lumayan.. ^^

Anonymous said...

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lunaticg said...

Everywhere in this world business is in crisis.
Wish you all luck.
See you around.

forexwatch said...

The current Financial Crisis spares nobody.