Monday, February 16, 2009

Kota Bangun and Loa Kulu Log In Rail Line

Kota Bangun and Loa Kulu, Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar), is one of the alternative route to the train journey Balikpapan. This is said Commissioner of PT Nuansa Group (NG) in the event presentation Susanto pre feasibility reports of development plans and the train Kaltim Kartanegara in Hotel Room Senyiur Samarinda, on Wednesday (11 / 6), yesterday.

Development plans and the train in East Kalimantan is the Indonesian government cooperation with the Government of East Kalimantan, especially Korea, or joint task force on Indonesia-Korea Energy & Infrastructure. The meeting was attended Sekprov Syaiful Teteng and representatives of district / city-se Kaltim.

Development along this train of approximately 350 - 500 kilometers, is estimated to cost as much USD 700 million or as much Rp 2 - 3 trillion. Plan to build Kalimantan coal port and railway terminal preliminary in East Kalimantan, the Indonesian government also involve a director Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) and PT Cipta Group Feel Jakarta.

While Sekprov Kaltim Syaiful Teteng speech in order to expect the support and participation of related institutions membidangi this problem, it can help so that development plans and the train can run smoothly as expected.

"Do not MoU (tota understanding) is ultimately only as a slogan," said Teteng.

Development of this train, he added, not just new ideas. But it was as much santer year 1995/1996 ago.

"But alhamdulillah eventually be realized, East Kalimantan have a new means of transportation for coal that can be relied upon. Similarly with oil palm to the front and hopefully can carry passengers," he said..

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