Friday, July 10, 2009

Airports in West Kutai

Kutai Barat (Kubar) has two airports, namely Melalan Sendawar and Datah Long Pahangai wire. But it is also quiet during the flight of the last three years. It is reduced to the termination of the flight. In fact, the demand for air service user, particularly in the border districts (Long Pahangai and Long Apari), is high enough.

Head of Transportation Office of Communications and Information Technology (Dishubkominfo) Kubar Drs Yulius Gun through Kabid Land and Air Adi Sucipto said, Kubar diterbangi first two flights, namely PT Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) and PT Sendawar Stars.

"But somehow, around the beginning of the year 2007, the DAS stop flight. DAS usually serves the route Samarinda Datah wire (Long Pahangai), Melalan Sendawar (formerly Melak), and Airport Temindung Samarinda, "called Adi, Kasi justified Kebandaraan Paul Herman, yesterday.

Lapse of two years, precisely the beginning of the year 2009, turn Stars Sendawar stop flight Datah wire-Samarinda Datah and wire-Melalan Sendawar. Termination of Sendawar Stars operates DHC-6 Twin Otter with 18 seats, the termination of subsidies related to the flight by Kubar Pemkab. Stars Sendawar now only fly Melalan Sendawar-Samarinda-Balikpapan, 3 times a week.

Adi said, the number of passengers each month from Sendawar Star Melalan Sendawar or Balikpapan-Samarinda is still quite high. "On average, 200 more passengers each month. Even when the operation is still PT DAS, reaching an average of 300-400 people per month, "sebutnya.

Diakuinya, many residents insist that the flight route in the earlier fixed-routes resumed. "While there is no more subsidy. Komersilnya such as tariffs providing for this, between Rp 500 to Rp 600 per thousand people, "said Paul Herman, fake border residents. Moreover, when the Mahakam River water is receding due to drought. A result, freight transport services water transportation increasingly expensive, even compared to the flight.

"If the water is being increased, rates Longboat Apari Long-Long Bagun Rp 600 ribu. More from Long Bagun to the capital district. If the drought so much more expensive, "sebutnya.

Dishubkominfo, according to Paul Herman, have been neutralize some airlines, like Susi Air, fly the route and abandoned DAS Stars Sendawar. But until now there are no answers.

Despite the quiet flight, the increased runway (runway) continue to be made. In Melalan Sendawar Airport, runway length selebar 23 meters is added, from 900 meters to be 1200 meters, 900 meters before. Similarly in the Airport Datah wire, extended 750 meters with a width of runway

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