Friday, July 10, 2009

Five Alternatives For Airport Development Plan Replacement Melalan

SAMARINDA - Pemkab Kutai Barat (Kubar) propose an alternative 5 as the location for the development of Airport (Airport) in Sendawar, instead of the Airport property Melalan TNI-AU is at this time. This is to anticipate the needs of air transportation facilities in this area in future.

Given the distance Sendawar (Kubar capital) with other cities in East Kalimantan be regarded very much. From Samarinda to Sendawar only land transportation with the most rapid take 6 hours, while if the Mahakam River to the ship time is much longer. Therefore, air transportation is very necessary.

Fifth is the location, the location of existing (Melalan Airport), Kampung Keay (Begalak), Kampung Rinding (District of Peace), Kampung Dempar (Terajuk), and village across Melak (District Manoor Bulatn). "Location-new location this is our proposal, later the central government determine or decide which location is selected," said the Head of Department of Transportation Kubar Gun Yulius to this newspaper, yesterday.

He explains, new airport development plan that, because the confidence that Sendawar akan growing so big city. Necessarily require adequate means of transportation such as the airport is more representative. Not to mention the comfort and security factors in the surrounding population must be considered with the presence of the airport in the middle of the city. "So, we plan the airport is only as Melalan Airport. Not the new airport. However, we propose a new location. Matter of funding has not been discussed, including the exemption of land. Moreover, permission, "he explained.

Mentioned, at this time Kubar have 2 airport. That is, the data wire in the Airport District and the Long Pahangai Airport Melalan own in Sendawar. Data wire for the Airport, at this time can didarati small airplanes. Similarly with the Airport Melalan, even though the runway (the runway) in the development stage. Where, the length of the runway about 900 meters by 300 meters, became the 1,200 meters.

Although this arrangement, the airport authority over the provincial government and the central government, but Pemkab Kubar not turn this area long enough that the air transport security. Given the geographic factors Kubar which consists of 21 districts be calculated challenging. Some areas rely solely on river transportation that requires some time, not because of land transportation.

Airport development plans on the data wire, Pemkab Kubar can not do much. The airport is under the shelter management Temindung Airport in Samarinda. (kri)

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